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The person who opened the Cleemy account is considered the legal representative. This person then has all the rights to the account that they opened (to view the account, manage means of payment, issue transfers and manage access rights).

This page is intended for legal representatives who wish to give other managers access to the account.


Access to Cleemy Payment

In order for somebody to be able to access an account, they must first have access to the Cleemy Payment application in their applications menu.

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If this is not already the case, add the Cleemy Payment - Administrator role to the individual’s secondary roles:

If this role does not exist, please go to Lucca's role management. From the “Roles” module, add the Cleemy Payment application to the role of your choice:


Identity verification

Before you can grant an employee access, they must have first completed their profile and verified their identity with our service provider.

This can be done via the Cleemy Payment application:


The following information needs to be sent:


By clicking on “Verify my identity”, the employee will be directed to the Swan interface and will receive an SMS. From the SMS, they must click on the link received and follow the steps:

  • Set a payment validation method (Code, FaceID, TouchID...)
  • Send their identity card,
  • Take a video of their face.

Add a manager

To add a manager to your Cleemy account, go to the “Manager” tab and click on “Add a manager”:


Select the person of your choice and the permissions you wish to assign. As previously mentioned, only employees who have verified their identity are eligible.


Once you've made your selection, click on “Add manager” and approve your action via the SMS you receive.


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