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The Cleemy account enables you to manage a batch of cards, including single-use, permanent-use, virtual and physical cards. Permanent-use cards are used in Cleemy Expenses.

An upper limit can be applied to these cards, and they debit your company's payment account directly. To open an account, please click here.

Permanent card

A permanent-use card allows you to make as many payments as you like, up to a set limit. The upper limit can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or for the whole of the card’s lifespan.

These cards are available in five minutes in virtual format. You can use them to make online purchases and they are compatible with Apple or Google Pay for in-store purchases. Physical cards are delivered within 3/4 days of ordering.

Card allocation

Creating card profiles

In order to assign cards to employees, account managers must first create card profiles in the “Assigning cards” tab, then assign employees to these profiles. A card profile sets the default permissions for a card, and these permissions can then be edited directly via the card in question.

To access the “Assigning cards” tab, the legal representative for the account (the person who opened the account) must give you access to card management. To find out more, please see our page on managing permissions.

The elements to be set are:

  • Last name. A name so that you can identify the profile.
  • The upper limit for the card. This upper limit will be the default limit when the card is activated. It can then be edited individually if required, with approval by SMS. The periods are rolling periods (24 hours, weekly, 30 days).

If you do not enter an upper limit, the maximum limit of €100,000 over 30 rolling days will apply.

  • Coming soon: automatic card blocking thresholds that you can set according to:
    • The number or amount of unsubmitted expenses: as soon as an employee has X expenses or €X of unsubmitted expenses on Cleemy Expenses, their card is automatically blocked. It is unblocked once the expenses have been submitted. 
    • The amount of expenses wrongly made using the Cleemy card: when an employee exceeds the upper limit or has an expense refused, the amount owed to the company is directly accounted for. The limit you set automatically blocks the Cleemy card, encouraging employees to settle their debt by using their personal card for their next expenses.
If an employee’s card is blocked, they are automatically notified by e-mail. The email also includes an explanation on how to settle their debt. Here's an example: 


The rules set on profiles are not applied retroactively to cards that have already been activated; they will only be applied to cards activated in the future.
If you wish to edit these rules for specific cards, you can go to the Card Management tab in Cleemy Payment and edit the thresholds for the employee(s) concerned.
  • Physical card delivery. Decide whether or not you would like employees to be able to order their physical card themselves. If you decide not to give employees this responsibility, as a manager, you will be able to process the order yourself from the Card Management tab.

Profil - blocage dépenses + dette.png

Assigning profiles

When you assign an employee to a profile, you give authorization for them to have a Cleemy card. From the profile, click on “Assign profile” and select the group of employees concerned using the filters.

demo - attribution profil.png

You can only remove an employee from a profile if they do not yet have a card.

Once an employee has been assigned to a profile, you must wait for the employee to send their telephone number and verify their identity before you can activate their card in the “Card activation” tab.
Please note: once their identity has been verified, the employee must return to Cleemy Expenses and they should see the following message: “Your card must now be generated by your account manager”.

Card activation

From Cleemy Payment, find all the permanent-use cards to be activated in the “Card activation” tab. In batches or individually, select the cards you wish to activate and click on “Activate cards”. You will then receive an SMS with a link to approve your action. Once approved, you will be redirected to the Card management tab, where the cards will appear in a few minutes.

demo - activation carte.png

Card management

The Card management tab enables you to : View cards and their statuses, Order physical formats, Manage card upper limits and options.

demo - gestion cartes.pngBy clicking on a card, you can see all the details and options Mock-up - card management.pngIf you have given employees authorization to order their own physical cards, they can do so from the Cleemy Expenses application.

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