Timmi Absences news Spring 2022 🌱

Hiring in Nantes
But also in Marseille
Bless you fundraising


The fundraising disclosed last week will allow the team to grow faster than expected, which will help us finalize current projects and launch new ones in a timely fashion.

As announced last January, we have been working over the past few weeks on the following topics:

  • The new payroll export is well advanced and is currently in the testing phase with a few customers. A final cycle of development is scheduled starting in June, before planning the migration to this new module.
  • The new accrual management system: this major project is progressing step by step. After the USA and Canada accrual rules, we are moving forward with the French rules. We are planning a new phase of tests in the second quarter. No short-term effect is to be expected, migrations to this new engine will not take place before 2023.
  • Timmi Office: the latest software in our portfolio now helps more than 100 companies to better manage telework. Customers appreciate the simplicity of the interface, users manage hybrid work better. If you haven't tested it yet, you can do so independently from your customer area. Timmi Office is free for basic features (one-click entry, planning, Slack/Teams/calendar integrations), and you can try advanced features for free for 30 days.

Here are the new features to come in the coming weeks, in addition to the substantive work on the sites mentioned above:

  • A new interface to follow the “to-do list” for administrators: the interface is modernized and enriched with a new block alerting when people return from long-term absences.
  • An approval interface in Timmi Office will be more convenient for mass approval of telework days.

Finally, on the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we are simplifying the reading of our product portfolio and the Time& Attendance solutions take the name of Timmi Timesheet. Timmi Absences, therefore, becomes Timmi Absences from the end of April. But don't worry, the news will be back this summer under this new name.

Thank you for the many feedbacks and suggestions that you send us every week on our product portal.

See you soon,

Tristan, on behalf of the Timmi Absences team

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