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Timmi Office is Lucca's new remote working and flex office management solution. This sheet describes how to give your employees access to the solution.

Type of access

By default, the following secondary roles are created when installing Timmi Office: 
  • Timmi Office - Administrator: entry, planning of all employees (with access to Timmi Office), dashboard, administration
  • Timmi Office - User: entry, planning of all employees (with access to Timmi Office)

It is possible to create other roles if necessary, for example to give access to the dashboard but not to the administration.

Note: the "Administer" permission gives the possibility of approving all remote working requests (if they are subject to approval).

Access during testing phase

During the initial configuration of Timmi Office you have the possibility to give access to Timmi Office to the first users and administrators. By selecting employees, they will be assigned a "Timmi Office - User" or "Timmi Office - Administrator" role

“Timmi Office - User” or “Timmi Office - Administrator”.

This simplified setup page is only available during initial setup.

Edit access or extend rights to more users 

Any modification of access after the initial setting phase must be made from the role administration.

To extend the use of Timmi Office to more users, you can assign them the secondary role "Timmi Office - User". The easiest way to do this in bulk is to go to the role, then User tab, then "Add users". In the window that opens you can filter the users and check those to assign the role.

If you don't use the secondary roles or use them very little, you can also give access to Timmi Office by adding the application to an existing primary role.

To find out more about role administration, see the dedicated sheet.

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