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This sheet describes the steps that need to be checked if Pagga Payroll Assistant does not seem to accept your login details. Indeed, it may be that, after entering your login details (or after your payroll manager has entered their login details), the connector is still not valid.

If you do not know your login details, do not hesitate to go to this help sheet: Find your SILAE login details.

In case of error, take the right action 

If there is a connection or permissions problem, you must verify that by logging in with the account you used in the connector, you can perform the following actions: Can I see the payroll file? Can I create an employee? Can I edit one? Can I add an absence? Can I add a variable element? If it cannot do this in the Silae software, it is because the permissions associated with the account are not sufficient and therefore the APIs will not be able to function.

The different connector statuses

When you create a new connector to Silae, it can have different statuses depending on the stage of progress: 

Status Description

Login detail request pending

You requested the login details from another person through the connector's password request feature. You have to wait for this person to return, or send them a reminder.

Empty file number

You saved the connector without entering the file number. Edit the connector to enter this information.

If you don't know it, don't hesitate to ask your payroll manager.

Incomplete identifiers You saved the connector without entering the login details and without using the connector's password request feature. To finalize your connector, you must enter all the login details.

Invalid login details

The login details you provided are not recognized by Silae. If you have made a password request, you can resubmit the request for the person to edit the data.

See the "Error sources" section below for more information.

Invalid file number The login details are valid, but we cannot find the file corresponding to the number you entered in the connector. Check your file number with your payroll manager. You must also check that the status of the payroll file is "in production" at the top of the company file.
Unable to access folder The login details are valid, the file number is valid, but the contact username provided in the connector does not have the necessary access permissions. This folder may also be protected by an additional access key. You can configure this key in the configuration of your connector. Feel free to ask your payroll manager for help.
Valid The connector is valid for this payroll file. You can use it in setting up payroll files in Pagga Payroll Assistant.
If you have entered a connector on the production database, and then restored your training database, the connector will appear with a "Valid" status on your training environment. For security reasons, when restoring the training course, we transform your connector to a demo connector. This connector will be valid and will allow you to do tests, but it will never send data to Silae. If you want to test sending data to Silae on a training environment, you must recreate a connector.

The main sources of errors

For security reasons, Silae does not return the precise origin of the error; it may be an error relating to the identifiers of the web service, the contact or both. You therefore have to use a process of elimination.

You have provided all the connector information, but the "Invalid identifiers" status remains unchanged. The first tip is to enter the usernames and passwords manually, while respecting the cases of the letters, rather than copying and pasting them. 

Regarding the webservice username, this is not the username, with which the payroll manager connects to Silae, but a specific username that your payroll manager has received from Silae. To get it, they had to sign a contract with Silae and they usually start with "ws-". For more information on this username, go to this sheet: Find your Silae login details.

Regarding the contact username, there are several things that need to be checked: 

  • Password: do not copy and paste passwords which could include spaces. A good way of checking that the password works is to use it to log into to the Silae software. If this is successful, the password is valid.
  • Logging in for the first time: For the connector to work, the account entered in the connector must have logged into Silae at least once before. 
  • Permissions required: For the connector to be able to connect and write in Silae, the account entered in the connector must be a contact that is present on the file and has no permissions restrictions (see screenshot below) 


Depending on your version of Silae, the process may vary (we are talking about full access here):


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