Activating and managing single-use cards

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The Cleemy account enables you to manage a batch of cards, including single-use, permanent-use, virtual and physical cards. Single-use cards are used in Cleemy Procurement.

An upper limit can be applied to these cards, and they debit your Cleemy account directly. To open an account, please click here.

A single-use card is a card used to make a single purchase. Once the card has been used to authorize an online payment, it cannot be used to pay for something on a different website.

However, the same single-use card can be debited several times. This is the case for subscriptions, for example. Once the card has been entered as the payment method for a subscription, it can be debited as many times as necessary to pay for the subscription, up to the set limit.

These cards are only available in virtual format for making online purchases and are not compatible with Apple or Google Pay.

Card request

Prerequisite: buyers must complete their profile and send information about their identity in order to be able to use single-use cards. To find out more, here's the relevant help page.

Single-use virtual cards work with our Cleemy Procurement application. Once a Cleemy account has been opened, a buyer can submit a purchase request, specifying that they would like to pay with a single-use virtual card (for online purchases only).


Once the purchase request has been approved, the account manager will be informed that a card needs activating.

The card’s upper limit is automatically set. It matches the amount of the approved purchase request, with a 2% margin up to a maximum of €20.

Card activation

From Cleemy Payment, find all the single-use cards to be activated in the “Cards to activate” tab. In batches or individually, select the cards you wish to activate and click on “Activate cards”. You will then receive an SMS with a link to approve your action. Once approved, you will be redirected to the Activated cards tab, where the cards will appear in a few minutes.


Card management

View all active cards from the “Activated cards” tab. Here you can track the amounts already used on each card, and edit the upper limit if necessary. As with activating cards, any changes to card upper limits require SMS approval.


Cards will be automatically archived when the corresponding purchase is closed.

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