How to answer the Poplee Engagement quiz if you do not have an email address? Managing employees without email

The opinions of all employees should be heard :

➔ Those with emails…

➔ ...And those without emails.

We propose a solution to integrate employees without a professional email address into the Poplee Engagement experience : an online connection via a personal space easily accessible (e.g. via a QR code scan). It is necessary for your company to have activated this possibility. Contact your HR team for more information.

For your first connection

Log in with the login provided by your company and click on "Password Forgotten"


You will then be redirected to a page inviting you to personalize your password and select a secret question from a predefined list. This secret question is very important because, in case of forgetfulness, it will allow you to reset your password independently.



Once your password is defined, you arrive on the quiz page and can answer it immediately.

Answering the quiz

After initializing your password, and for all subsequent connections, you can identify yourself and access the quiz in progress directly.

Note 1: If you have already answered a quiz but the new quiz is not yet open, you will access the tip page: this is because you have already answered!

Note 2: At any time, you can log out and close your response session:

Note 3: You will be automatically logged out after 8 minutes if you are no longer active (a message will warn you after 5 minutes).


What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can:

  1. Reset your password independently if you remember your username, secret question, and answer.
  2. If you do not remember at least one of these elements, you can ask for help by clicking on "I forgot my secret question" or "I forgot my username." A message will then be sent to the Lucca support team. Contact your HR team to retrieve your username and a new temporary password. You will need to redefine a secure password as during your first connection.

Latest useful information:

As employees without email in Poplee Engagement, you cannot:

  • send or receive Bloom!
  • receive responses from your manager(s) when they react to your comments.

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