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Timmi Office is Lucca's remote work and flex office management solution. This sheet explains how managers can approve or reject remote working requests in Timmi Office. Approving requests can either be done via the schedule, or via the approval module.

Settings for triggering approval

If you have opted for the paid version of Timmi Office and depending on your settings, remote working requests may or may not be subject to manager approval: 

Approval deactivated: No requests have been submitted for approval. Employees can request as many remote working days as they wish, and requests are not subject to manager approval.

Approval required if remote working limit exceeded: You can make employees aware of the remote working limits, and any remote working request that exceeds the authorized limit must be approved by the employee’s manager. 

⬪ Automatic approval: All remote working requests from employees are subject to approval by the managers. 

Approval via the schedule

Requests exceeding the authorized limit are subject to approval: When employees are filling in their schedules, they receive an alert that the limit has been exceeded and that the request is awaiting manager approval.


Viewing requests submitted for approval: The manager can view remote working requests submitted for approval directly via the schedule.


⬪ Action to approve or refuse a request submitted for approval: They can then approve or refuse the remote working request in two clicks.



Approval via the approval module

Prerequisites for accessing the approval module: In order to access this module (tab on the left), you must be in one of the following two situations.

Situation no. 1: Have “Administer” permission AND one of the following conditions:
           - Automatic approval is activated OR
- There is at least 1 rule set OR
- There are pending approval requests on the database.
Situation no. 2: Have requests to approve

⬪ List of requests that you are responsible for approving: Requests to be approved are grouped by employee under your responsibility. The “Urgent” tooltip enables you to process certain requests as a priority – this concerns remote working requests taking place within the next two days.

List of requests for other approvers: These are requests that you can approve, but that are awaiting approval by another user (in the case of an administrator)

Approval and rejection in batches: You can approve each request individually, or select several in the left-hand column to approve a batch at a time.

In the case of requests to be approved by others, you can also send a reminder to the approvers, who will be notified by email.

Email notification

Remote working request to be approved: The manager receives an email in their inbox indicating the employee's name, a summary of their current entitlement (as set out in the rules), and an indication of the days requested that exceed the authorized limit. In the case of automatic approval, notifications are grouped together in a single email if they are made one after the other (less than two minutes apart).

Remote working request accepted: The employee is notified by email. 

Remote working request refused: If the manager refuses the remote working request, they can attach a comment specifying the reasons for the refusal. The employee then receives an email indicating the reason for the refusal.

Delegation of approval

A manager can assign somebody the task of processing any remote working requests submitted during their absence. The delegatee is set up in the manager's employee file (as in Timmi Absences: see here). 

If an employee submits a remote working request for approval while their manager is absent, the request is automatically forwarded to the delegatee. The delegatee receives an email notification inviting them to connect to Timmi Office in the manager's place. The delegate can then approve or refuse the remote working request via the schedule screen or the approval screen.

Note that even when absent, the manager can still approve pending requests in Timmi Office.

Denial comment

When refusing a remote working request via the approval screen, the planning screen or via Slack/Teams, the approver must provide a reason for the refusal.

If you need other features, please let us know on the product portal.

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