Closing a review campaign

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Depending on their topics, campaigns can be of varying lengths, from one week to an entire year. In any case, you will need to close your campaign after a while, even if all the reviews are not completely finished. 

Closing campaigns will allow you to better monitor campaigns, distinguishing between those in progress and those that are closed (on which you no longer have to take action). You will get more visibility and be able to prioritize actions with respect to campaign monitoring.

By closing a campaign, the information about the reviews is saved, regardless of their status: 

  • Completed reviews are saved 

  • Unfinished reviews are archived, and the data are not lost. 
    • Reviews are kept in the status they were in when the campaign was closed
    • They remain visible (depending on respective permissions)
    • They are no longer editable

The preservation of the review data when closing the campaign allows you to: 

- keep a record of mandatory reviews (professional, 6-year) initiated but not validated by the employee

- keep archives if an employee leaves in the middle of a campaign (litigation, long-term absence)

Where can I find the close the campaign feature?

From the Campaigns tab (1), click on the campaign you want to close (2), in the table that lists current campaigns:


Once on your campaign, go to the Settings tab and click the Close the campaign button


Confirm the actions that appear: 



What happens to reviews once the campaign is closed?

Completed reviews are saved 

Unfinished reviews are frozen in their current state and also preserved

For the admin, the campaign is displayed as "closed":


By clicking on the campaign, the administrator can view the number of completed reviews as well as the number of reviews that were unfinished at the end of the campaign: 


The manager can access completed reviews and also those that were not fully completed:


For the assessed employee, a completed review is accessible via the "My reviews" page: 


An unfinished review is accessible in their archives, with a label that specifies its particular status: 



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