Why enter remote work in Timmi Office instead of Timmi Absences?

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Like everyone else, you might be encountering remote working issues. You may be using Timmi Absences right now, and you've heard about Timmi Office, a solution used by more than 30,000 hybrid workers to manager remote working and office attendance. Would you like to understand the benefits of managing remote working in Timmi Office, rather than in Timmi Absences? This article will help you make the right choice.

The differences


Timmi Absences is the historical solution for managing leave and absences. Remote working management in Timmi Absences started as a detour, because the needs for workflow and schedule visualization are similar to the needs for time off. Employees typically only enter remote working days.

Timmi Office was specifically designed to meet the challenges of new work organizations, which are based on regular use of telecommuting, or more generally, remote work. Employees enter their workplace for each day (office, remote working, travel), and not only the days of remote working. The tool is particularly suitable for companies with offices in several locations.

Simplicity and flexibility

Entering remote working in Timmi Absences is similar to entering a special leave. It is suitable for an occasional entry (once a month), but becomes laborious as soon as you want to enter once or several times a week. Moreover, since remote working is entered in the same way as absences, there can be conflicts, one has to be deleted in order to enter the other, which is not always possible without the manager's approval. It is also not possible to edit the remote working on the same day (same constraint as for vacations).

Timmi Office allows for an ultra-fast entry of the workplace, either per day (or half day), or for a whole week thanks to the typical week that employees can register. This speed of entry is the fundamental difference between the two tools, which allows for a much higher employee usage rate, and therefore better reliability. Absences entered in Timmi Absences automatically override telecommuting or office attendance. It is possible to change the work location on the same day (this is very common!).

Remote working rules and application of the charter

Timmi Office allows you to define limits per week, month or year, on specific populations (establishment, CSP, department), or individually, which gives much more finesse in the setting. Timmi Office allows you to define limits per week, month or year, on specific populations (establishment, CSP, department), or individually, which gives much more finesse in the setting.

Since October 2023, it has also been possible to set:

  • Limits on different types of remote work

  • Limits in proportion to working time (not in number of days)

  • Limits on types other than remote work (e.g. work trips)

  • Different types of remote work: regular, occasional, exceptional


Timmi Absences allows you to use the approval workflow for absences (at 1 or more levels) for remote working, or to have no approval. Each remote working request generates an email notification to the approver.

Timmi Office offers by default a free input, and when there are remote working rules, the requests exceeding the rule are submitted to the manager for approval. It will soon be possible to have all remote working requests approved, whether they are within or beyond the limits. When multiple remote working requests are made in a row, then only one notification is sent to the manager.

Capacity and Flex Office

Timmi Absences does not allow you to manage office capacity.

Timmi Office allows to indicate the capacity of the offices, and thus to display to the users the number of occupied and available places. When a site is full, the employee sees it. Sites can knowingly overbook themselves. Administrators can follow the sites in overbooking according to the days and even edit the workplaces of the concerned employees. In the event of a major overbooking, managers can assign an employee to another site, or offer them a day of remote working.

Future changes to features

We are confident that entering data into Timmi Absences is no longer relevant in a world where regular remote working is becoming the norm. As a result, we now have a solution that is exclusively dedicated to managing remote working and presence in the office: Timmi Office.

This solution will continue to evolve in order to offer you an ever more complete solution for managing your remote working policy and workspaces. Timmi Absences will of course also change, but will focus solely on leave and absence management.


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