Free and paying features of Timmi Office

Background information

Timmi Office is Lucca's remote work and hybrid office management solution. This page describes the main functionalities of the free and paying versions.

Features list



Manage multiple offices

The free version allows up to 5 work locations. For instance: "Paris", "London", "Barcelona", "Berlin" and "On the go".

With the paying version you can have unlimited work locations.


Occupancy management

The free version shows who's coming to the office, but without capacity management of buildings.


With the full version you can set a capacity for each office and get occupancy statistics and reports. Employees can see if an office is full and will be alerted if they try to book. 


Hybrid office management

The free version doesn't provide hybrid office capacilities.

The full version allows you to divide offices in floors and zones, with capacities for each zone. Employees can choose the zone where they'll sit and can be sure there will be a desk for them.


Office floorplans

The full version of Timmi Office provide a floorplan feature. Upload your office floorplan and let your employees book their zone from the floorplan.


Remote work limits

The free version provides a simple way to set your work location without constraints.

The full version allows for more control on remote work: collective or individual limits above which remote work requests need approval from the managers, or even approval of all remote work requests.


To sum it up:

  • The free version is enough if employees can freely decide to work remotely, if you don't have office space issues and if you're not on more than 4-5 locations.
  • The full version is necessary if you need more control on remote work, if you have more than 5 offices and/or limited office space requiring an hybrid management.

Upcoming features

  • work location restriction by establishment (to hide some work locations, usefull in international context of if you have multiple companies on the same Lucca account).
  • advanced reporting
  • multi lingual work location names
  • group management (same groups as in Timmi Absence)
  • approval in Slack/Teams
  • dedicated mobile app
  • and much more...

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