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Before you get started

The Cleemy account is an option included in your Cleemy subscription. You can access it from the Cleemy Payment application. This payment account functions like a traditional account: you can transfer funds to the account, manage payment methods, track balances and transactions and download bank statements.

The accounting currency is euros: you can only open an account for an establishment from a country in the SEPA zone whose national currency is the euro.

It enables you to make single-use or multi-use cards available to your employees, and to pay your supplier invoices by transfer directly from the Cleemy Procurement application.

This account is integrated into Cleemy and based on the white-label platform from Swan, our partner.

Please note that if you are not a legal representative for your company, you need to check beforehand whether or not you have the right to open an account in your company's name. A power of attorney from a legal representative will be required to open the account.
In accordance with FACTA, a law designed to combat American tax evasion, our banking partner does not allow companies that are fully or part-owned by an American shareholder to open an account.

Steps for opening an account

We recommend that the person who wishes to have administrative rights over the account (View account and documents, Issue transfers, Manage cards, Manage access rights) follows the steps to open the account from their Lucca space.

Step 1: Prerequisites – 1 minute

This step enables you to indicate who is opening the account, whether you are the company's legal representative or acting on their behalf.

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If you are not the legal representative, you can still open an account, provided you supply a power of attorney and an identity document for the legal representative as part of the account opening process. A power of attorney template is provided on this page.

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Step 2: Account information – 3 minutes

You will be able to give your account a name (visible from the Cleemy interface), set the legal unit for the account and match the establishments of your choice to this legal unit.

You can group several establishments together in the same account (provided they belong to the same legal unit), or open one account per establishment.

This step requires you to accept our general terms of use and to authorize the sharing of your data with Swan to ensure that the service works as it should.

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Step 3: Identity verification – 10 minutes

This step enables our partner to verify that you are who you say you are, and to validate your phone number.

Click on the link in the SMS that you receive, and follow the instructions. First, you'll need to set a security code, which will be required to approve any sensitive transactions. Then take a photo of your identity card and take a video of your face.

Then, all you have to do is wait for around five minutes for your identity to be verified.

If this step takes longer, it's because an inconsistency between your Lucca data and the ID document has been detected. You will then be contacted by telephone by our partner to verify your identity.

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If the identity verification fails, you will receive an SMS and you will be able to restart the process from Cleemy Payment.

If identity verification fails several times, you can contact the Swan help desk (support@swan.io) to switch to manual verification and giving them your phone number.

Please note: If you have already opened an account, this step is no longer necessary.

Step 4: Company and beneficiaries – 10 minutes

Once your identity has been verified, you'll be redirected to a form where you can fill in information about the company that will hold the account.


Once you've completed the form, you'll be asked to approve the request by SMS on the same phone number as indicated for your identity verification.

Step 5: Collection and review of company documents – 48 hours

Our partner will look at your file and draw up a list of documents required to open your account (KBIS, Company statutes, Power of attorney, Identity card of the beneficial owner, etc.). You will be notified by email if additional documents are required.

These documents will be analyzed by Swan. Once approved, you will be able to access your payment account.

Putting money into the account

Your account is now open, and you can access it from Cleemy Payment.

All you need to do now is find your bank details and start putting money into it from your main bank account. If there is no money in the account, it cannot be used.

To put money into this account from your main bank account, simply add your Cleemy account as a beneficiary and make a SEPA transfer. We recommend that you do this, as cash transfers may go through the SWIFT network and be considered as international transfers, incurring a €5 fee from our partner Swan.

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Exceptional charges

The payment account is included in your Cleemy subscription, with the exception of certain exceptional charges, which are invoiced by our partner, Swan:

  • Ordering / replacing a card after it has been lost, stolen or damaged: €5.21 excl. VAT + shipping costs.
  • Making withdrawals in euros: €1 incl. VAT.
  • Making withdrawals outside the euro zone: 2% of the amount withdrawn.
  • Payment for goods and services outside the euro zone: 2% of the amount paid.
  • Payment into Cleemy account via SWIFT: €5 incl. VAT.

Other charges:

  • Transferring funds to an account using a credit card: 0.7% of the amount transferred + €0.12 incl. VAT (not currently available).
  • Inappropriate use of the account (i.e. attempted and actual action that breaches the law and/or the account agreements): €180 incl. VAT.
  • Legal or administrative seizure process, with notification of the representatives of the third party: 10% of the amount up to a maximum of €100 incl. VAT per document.
  • Fees for a bounced payment due to insufficient funds: €10 incl. VAT per bounced payment.
  • Drafting of a letter for a representative of a legal entity: €45 excl. VAT (€54 incl. VAT).
  • Drafting of a letter confirming the existence of a Swan account: €20 excl. VAT.



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