Tracking office occupancy

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Timmi Office is Lucca's remote work and flex office management solution. This page describes how to track office occupancy.

Daily tracking

Timmi Office lets office managers and employees see who will be present on a site on a daily basis. Simply click on occupancy in the main view or schedule view.



When you click on a day, you get a list of those present on the site.


If there is any overbooking, i.e. when the occupancy rate exceeds 100%, the occupancy field on the schedule turns red, and you can see the people who have overbooked in the list of those present on site.




Dashboard module

The Timmi Office dashboard lets you track office occupancy and remote working collectively. In the Dashboard module, Timmi Office offers:

  • employee-focused reporting

  • site-focused reporting

Statistics in the Employees tab

In the Employees tab, 3 exports are possible in CSV format:

From the detailed data you can get the site occupancy every day for each employee over a given period:

User-focused statistics show the allocation for each employee over a given period in column format: 

Refused requests list the reasons for refusal for each employee over a given period:

Statistics in the Offices tab

For any selected period, you can export the occupancy rate for each site:

This shows the occupancy rate of the various sites, with upcoming overbooked days if there are any:


If you need other types of reporting data, please let us know on the product portal.




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