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Background information

Timmi Office is Lucca's new teleworking and flex office management solution.

This sheet describe how to give your employees access to the solution.


Different types of workplaces

Timmi Office allows you to manage three types of workplace:

  • telecommuting
  • the sites: correspond to the buildings in which you have offices.
  • other places outside the office: travel, training, etc. The list will eventually be freely configurable.


Timmi Office only offers one option for telecommuting. Although companies often distinguish between regular telework and occasional telework, we believe that it is not up to the employee to have to choose between the two. Thanks to the teleworking limits (see the help sheet on the rules), any request exceeding the regular teleworking quota is de facto considered as occasional teleworking, and subject to validation by the manager.


The sites correspond to the different physical offices, to the buildings. The easiest way is to use the city name if you only have one site in the city, otherwise the neighborhood, street or building name. Timmi Office is particularly recommended if you have employees spread over several sites, with mobility between sites.


Each site can be personalized with:

  • a color
  • a capacity (optional)
  • a site manager (optional)
  • zones (optional)
  • floors (optional)

Capacity: Site capacity is not required. If it is not filled in, employees are only displayed the number of people on site. There is then no overbooking management since the site will never be full.

Site manager: no current impact, but we plan to offer a specific dashboard for the site manager, and notifications, in a future version.

Zones: if the site has a capacity of more than 30 places and you wish to do flex office, it is recommended to divide it into zones in order to facilitate the search for free places. A zone corresponds to a shared office, or a medium-sized open space, or even a small floor. If you have large open spaces (more than 30 places), we suggest dividing it. Each area is assigned a capacity. The site capacity is calculated as the sum of the zone capacities.

Floors: in order to facilitate the search for zones, it is recommended to create the floors of the site when it contains several floors. Floors can then be assigned to each zone.


Other places outside the office

By default, we offer travel management in addition to teleworking. The goal is to allow your collaborators to indicate when they are on the move, in order to inform their colleagues that they are probably not reachable and not in the office. De facto management such as teleworking and presence by the day or half-day. Timmi Office does not allow hourly management and does not require any travel approvals, so it is not recommended for travel bonus calculations for example, if you need more fine-grained approval or management. This need will be covered soon in Timmi Time (see product portal for progress).
You will soon be able to add other places outside the office according to your needs.

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