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This page presents the interest and the functioning of the Silae connector with Lucca. It is particularly aimed at our customers' payroll management firms who wish to deploy this connection between Lucca and Silae.

What is the Lucca connector for Silae?

Thanks to the "API" technology of Silae software, we have developed a payroll assistant application. This application allows our clients' HR managers to:

1. control the payroll data collected through the different Lucca applications

2. transfer this data in one click to their Silae payroll file

No more manual re-entry or file import, the data is transmitted in a fluid and secure way from the Lucca HRIS to the Silae payroll. Warning: Data transmission is only done in the Lucca to Silae direction. No data is transmitted from Silae to Lucca with this connector.

How does it work concretely?

The HR manager connects to Lucca every month and finds all the data: new employees, modified HR data, absences for the period, new fixed remunerations and variable pay elements (see following questions for an exhaustive list of data).



The HR manager checks these data, if he finds any errors he can modify them in each of the Lucca applications.



When he has finished his check, the HR manager transmits them in one click to Silae.


Once all the data of the period is transmitted, the HR manager must close the preparation of his payroll in the payroll assistant (usually between the 20th and the 25th of each month). Any new data (absences, bonuses, etc.) entered or modified during the month after this closing will appear in the data to be sent for the next payroll.

What data is transmitted each month from Lucca to Silae?

Depending on the Lucca modules your client has subscribed to, three types of data can be transmitted from Lucca to Silae.

1. Data "employees" ( Poplee Core HR module)

This is the data of the employee records of Silae (exhaustive lists of data transmitted below). The connector allows you to :

- create new employees from Lucca to Silae

- update in Silae the information of existing employees modified in Lucca

Name of the data Comments
Personnel number automatically generated in Lucca, thus ensuring that the same personnel number cannot be assigned twice
Usual name  
Marital name  
Birth name  
First name  
NIR Social security number
Family status  
Date of birth  
Department of birth  
City of birth  
Country of birth  
Country of nationality  
Street number Address data
bis, ter, etc address data
Name of the street address data
Address complement address data
Postal code address information
City address data
Country address address data
Personal email address  
Professional e-mail address  
Date of entry corresponds to the start date of the first contract in Lucca
Date ofseniority  
Residence permit type of residence permit
Order number serial number of the residence permit
Start of validity start date of the residence permit
End of validity end date of the residence permit
Number of dependents  
Warning: The connector does not transmit the "Jobs" data from the Silae file. This data must be completed in Silae. When a new employee is created (and only in this case) the connector transmits the employee's establishment and date of entry.

To go further :

2. Absences of the pay period ( Timmi Absences module)

These are all validated absences for the current month, as well as delays (absences from previous months that have not yet been transmitted to payroll) and corrections (absences from previous months that have already been transmitted to payroll but have since been deleted in Lucca).

Here is an exhaustive list of absences that can be transmitted. This list varies according to the types of absences that the client wishes to manage in his HRIS.

Name of the absence Silae field code
Absence paid family event 260
Paid authorized absence 631
Unpaid absence (authorized) 620
Paid leave 300
Split day(s) 300
Commuting accident 130
Work-related accident* 120 120
Parental leave 230
Unpaid leave 632
Death 260
Sick child 263
Moving 264
Disability 1st category 150
Disability 2nd category 151
Sickness* 100
Occupational disease* (illness) 110
Marriage / PACS 260
Maternity 200
Half-time work 140
Birth / Adoption 220
Paternity 210
Training (unpaid) 430
Absence to be justified 630
Disciplinarylayoff 640
Temporary layoff 641
Sabbatical leave 532
Partial activity (full suspension) 610
Partial activity (time reduction) 608
Prenatal medical leave* (full suspension) 111

*Work stoppages: The connector does not transmit absences of the "work stoppage" type in the case of an event-based DSN. These absences that give rise to a DSN will have to be entered directly into Silae (or the DSN). On the other hand, for companies that use subrogation and that do not need to send the event-based DSN, absences of the "work stoppage" type can be transmitted by the connector at the end of the month.

3. The elements of fixed and variable pay (Poplee module Remuneration)

The transmission of remuneration recorded in Pagga Compensation to Silae is done in 3 steps:

    1. Display of all fixed remuneration valued over the period for employees present. This is the base salary, benefits in kind or fixed contractual bonuses.
    2. Display of all variable pay elements (VPE) for the current month. These can be hourly variables (overtime), bonus variables, advance payments, or bottom of the pay slip variables (meal vouchers, expense reimbursement)
    3. Transmission of all the fixed and variable remuneration elements of the month to Silae.

At each of these steps, controls allow to identify and correct possible anomalies before the transmission in payroll:

- List of employees with an active contract during the month but without a valid fixed remuneration for the period,

- Corrections, deletions or additions of remuneration elements made after the last payroll transmission.

In summary, the transmission of remunerations via the Silae connector allows you to secure the recording every month in Silae :

  • the monthly base salary


  • benefits in kind (car, housing, NTIC, food or others)


  • amounts of advance payments to be deducted


  • the number of overtime hours


  • the amount of bonuses, the number of luncheon vouchers.


Before the first transmission of fixed and variable remunerations between Lucca and Silae, we organize a tripartite meeting with the Lucca consultant, the client HR administrator and the Silae payroll manager to determine together the remuneration elements to be transmitted and for each of them the type of data to be sent (amount, quantity or number of hours) and the heading codes, column headings and bulletins to be sent in coherence with your Silae payroll settings.

Can we check each month the data that has been transmitted from Lucca to Silae?

Yes, HR managers have access to a history of all the data transmitted from Lucca to Silae during the payroll period in the payroll assistant. These histories can be downloaded as an Excel file.

How does Lucca connect to Silae?

To connect a client's Lucca site to Silae, we need:

- The Silae server number where your client's payroll records are located

- the name and numbers of the client's payroll records (and the establishments to which they correspond)

- your customer service web IDs as a Silae customer

- a "contact" ID created in Silae.

A Lucca consultant will assist your customer to securely retrieve this information during the deployment of the tool. Under no circumstances should the web service and contact IDs be communicated via email. See this sheet for more information.

What are Lucca's commitments regarding the use of Silaexpert APIs?

We have signed a contract with Silaexpert for the provision of a catalog of APIs. This contract commits us as a publisher not to misuse these APIs. The details of these commitments are described in the information note which can be downloaded below.

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