[New] Advanced interview viewing option for a campaign manager

Before you start

This option will be available starting December 9.

For some campaign categories, you may need to separate the ability to launch campaigns from the ability to view interviews once completed.

We've listed some use cases here.

How does this option work?

It is located in the advanced options of the campaign flow. It allows you to exceptionally give a wider scope of visibility on the interviews contained in the campaign in question. This is particularly useful for HR teams where campaigns are prepared by the HR Director but are launched and monitored by a team member with less responsibility and therefore less visibility of the company's interviews (particularly department managers).


The box is checked: the person indicated as the campaign manager will be able to consult the interview exports, as well as from the "My Interviews" tab.

The box is unchecked: the campaign manager will be able to launch the campaign, but will not be able to perform analyses and will not be able to access the links to the interviews, other than those indicated in the scope of the "View interviews from" permission.

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