Transmit meal vouchers to payroll

Each month, the Meal vouchers application allows you to:

  1. Calculate the number of Meal vouchers (MV) to be distributed to your employees and generate them
  2. Generate the related order from your issuer.
  3. Automatically transmit MVs to payroll using our Pagga Compensation application

Would you like to now activate the automatic transfer of MVs to Pagga Compensation?

Go to this page to find out how to set up Pagga Meal vouchers in less than 5 minutes: Set up the transfer of MVs to Pagga Compensation

Not yet using Pagga Compensation?

Our payroll management solution enables you to: 

  • Monitor the fixed and variable remuneration of your employees.
  • Collect variable remuneration items.
  • Transfer everything to payroll
  • Monitor payroll through reports.

To find out more, visit this page: Discover Pagga Compensation

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