Tasks of a Pagga Payslip administrator

Before you get started

As a Pagga Payslip administrator, you have occasional and recurring tasks to perform. Below, you will find a list of the most frequently repeated tasks for an administrator in charge of this solution. 

Reminder of the main principles 

For simple needs, Pagga Payslip is a simple solution for digitizing payslips and automating their distribution to employees.

Since 2009, article L.3243-2 of the French employment regulations permits the distribution of payslips to employees in electronic form.

In general, the administrator simply needs to upload the PDF (or ZIP) file containing all the payslips that is exported from their payroll software. Pagga Payslip will divide up the payslips employee by employee before recommending their distribution to the spaces of each of the employees who have agreed to payslip digitization. Receiving the electronic payslip is an option that each employee is free to accept or not.


When a new employee joins

Adding the employee

Add the new employee in Employees User files Add an employee as soon as the contract start date is known.

For the employee to have access to Pagga Payslip, they must be assigned:

  • a role giving them access to Pagga Payslip with the "View and download payslips" permission

Activate the Pagga Payslip distribution service for an employee

Even if, since January 1, 2017, a company no longer has the obligation to consult its employees before activating the distribution of payslips in a digitized version, the employees must be given the option to agree or not.

As long as the user has not agreed to the distribution service, they are sent to an explanation page. To agree to the service, the user must simply click on the "I wish to receive my payslips online" button.

The administrator can manage this option directly by going to Settings and then checking/unchecking the service for each user.

For more details: Activate the Pagga Payslip distribution service


At the end of each month

Distributing digitized payslips

Consult this detailed help sheet for guidance on the monthly distribution of payslips in Pagga Payslip

During distribution, the employees are notified by email that their payslips are available in their Pagga Payslip space (the Notify by email box must be enabled).

Distributing paper payslips

The last step of the distribution process is to download the remaining payslips to be printed by clicking the Download payslips button, in order to physically distribute them to the employees who have not signed up to the Pagga Payslip service. See the Distributing payslips via Pagga Payslip sheet

Testing payslip information

The payslip testing module lists the discrepancies between the information on the payslips and that in the employee files. No payslips are distributed during this test. 


When an employee leaves

The "Labor" law (LAW no. 2016-1088 of August 8, 2016) stipulates that the employee must have access to their electronic payslips at any time, even after they have left the company.

Pagga Payslip gives employees access to their archived electronic payslips which they can download in just a few clicks.

Lucca is committed to preserving the payslips distributed through the Pagga Payslip app for a period of 50 years, and guarantees their availability for the same period through the online pagga.ilucca.net service.

Verify the outgoing employee's personal email address

You can prompt the outgoing employee to check that their personal email address is correctly recorded in the Pagga Payslip app. To do this, they must go to their Pagga Payslip space and consult the information located below the archive block (or at the bottom of the page if this is their first month using Pagga Payslip). More details in this dedicated sheet on downloading payslips when an employee leaves

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