Timmi Absences News Autumn 2021 🍂

Back at the office
Or working remotely
You ask: where is Bob?


We hardly enjoyed Summer and it's already gone. Don't let the melancholy set in and let's have a look at the last three months.

  • The absence planning is now available for Microsoft Teams on the Office 365 Marketplace. Try it!
  • Timmi Absences can now manage accruals in the US and Canada with semi-monthly and biweekly entitlements. 
  • We improved accessibility with keyboard navigation for leave requests. Try it with "Tab" on the Request page.
  • The absence Schedule has evolved with better filters and a new employee search feature. This is currently being deployed to all customers in October.

Summer has been the occasion to make many small improvements to Timmi Absences, including:

  • Update of the ceiling feature which now work with account categories. You can for instance set a monthly/weekly/etc. limit on annual leave, independantly from the balance.
  • New establishment filter on the To do page for admins.
  • New reporting data: title and gender (the latter only if you have Poplee Core HR).

This quarterly update is the occasion to remind you that we published a product portal for Timmi Timesheet & Timmi Absences where you can vote for features and submit feature requests (with the Submit idea button on top). You also have portals for all Lucca apps listed here.

We won't answer to support requests (you have a dedicated form for these) but all ideas will be read and analysed by out product team and will help us build the most impactful features.

And last but not least, please vote for this article (just ⬇️) if you like it!

Take care and talk to you soon. 🖐⬇️🎤

Tristan, for the Timmi Absences team

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