What to do when you change your domain name

Before you get started

When a domain name is changed, other optional information may be updated at the same time. These processes to be followed are set out below.

Renaming establishments in Lucca

Start by renaming the establishments registered in Lucca by following the instructions in this help sheet: Administer your establishments and legal units.

Change the login details and professional email addresses

Then change the login details and professional email addresses by creating a file from the employee reports module. Here is the linked help sheet: Import employee data.

Be careful to keep only the columns of identification data and what you want to edit. Any other column will have to be deleted in order to avoid editing unwanted information.

Updating your billing information

Here is the help sheet to follow: My client center

Customizing the Lucca homepage

You can now customize your home page: Lucca Home.

Changing the access URL to Lucca

The change of access URL to Lucca is a service that you can request using the Lucca Help desk form. A consultant will answer you shortly.


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