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You are an administrator of one or more of our solutions and we thank you. As an administrator, you have to manage certain tasks. In this help sheet, we set out all the information and advice you need to easily take charge of this role of administrator of the Lucca solutions.

Your role as administrator

What is the administrator role in your company, and in your relations with Lucca?

  • You can use the main features of your Lucca solutions independently. If you are starting out with us, all you have to do is practice to build up your skills after your training course*, and you have already tested the different solutions and carried out the Lucca formula questionnaires on your test database (you can ask the Help desk at any time). You can explore the more advanced features thanks to our help center.

  • You are the Lucca lead with the employees of your company and are responsible for your database and its settings.

  • You are our point of contact with your company.
As an administrator, you
have one-time and/or recurring tasks to perform: see "Recurring actions"
are responsible for the settings of your database
answer your users' questions: see "Lucca Help desk"

Recurring actions to be done

It is important to make sure that your Lucca database is used properly and updated: certain actions or behaviors are not automatic and need you to take action. You can find the summary lists of these actions for each solution at the following links:

The shortcuts to the help sheets are available by clicking on the name of the solution. These sheets from our help center are regularly updated - you can bookmark the link.

Lucca Help desk

The administrator is responsible for:

  • answering the questions of users - considered as level 1 support
  • independent configuration of the changes to be made to the initial settings, thanks to theHelp center: you will find detailed tutorials that you should check out before making any request to the Lucca Help desk.

The Lucca Help desk is reserved for trained administrators*. It is dedicated to the following:

  • level 2 questions
  • the technical problems raised

You can access the Help desk using this link, or the form available by clicking the "Help" button at the bottom left of all your screens.


*Trained administrator:you are considered "trained" if you have received training from a Lucca consultant or a former administrator who was trained by Lucca. Do not hesitate to request a training quote using the Help desk of your choice; we carry out one-time training courses as well as group training sessions.

Making a request to the Help desk

The more detail you put into your request, the more relevant your answer will be and the sooner you will get it from the Help desk. Here is a checklist to follow before making your request:

  • I checked, in the Help center, that I did not have the answer to my question and, if necessary, I attach the Help center's links that I have already consulted to my request.
  • I give as much context of the request as possible as well as the result that I want to receive
  • I give a practical example: which user, on which Lucca module, which specific operation (expense report number, leave account concerned, etc.).
  • I add screenshots

Product Board

From your homepage, you can follow Lucca Roadmap with the product developments and share your ideas and needs with us.


Follow the Lucca product roadmap

Vote for your favorite developments

Suggest your own ideas on the portal

Tell us what is your need

When you suggest your development idea on one or more of our products:

  • Check that the requested feature does not already exist
  • Click on Submit Idea
  • Tell us about your specific need: specify why the current system is not optimal for you, what you would like to see change, and how the change would help you in your system.
  • Gauge the degree of importance of this feature: Nice to have, Important or Critical

Bear in mind that suggesting ideas does not systematically lead to a response from our teams. However, they are all sent automatically and contribute to defining the roadmap for our developments.

Client Center

Accessible to the administrators from your Lucca home page, the Client center centralizes all the information concerning the solutions to which you have subscribed.

Solutions and counts

This page displays a summary of the modules and options that you have signed up to with the last completed monthly statement. By clicking on your last count, you will be able to view the count history in detail, by solution and by establishment.


This section contains all of your Lucca invoices, and allows you to retrieve the invoices in PDF format.


Your billing manager will be notified by default using the information you shared with your sales representative when signing up to the Lucca solutions.

The application contacts you will be given will have the role of administrator in your Lucca environment. These contacts will be used to communicate on our products, if there is a need for information on the use of the app within your company or if a corrective action is required.

As administrator of the Client center, you are responsible for ensuring that this information is accurate and kept up to date.

You and us

Here are some tips to keep you up to date with what's new in Lucca, and to give us your feedback.

Satisfaction questionnaire

After each rollout, you receive a satisfaction questionnaire on the rollout process. Take the time to answer it so that together we can build the optimal rollout process. We are therefore open to any comments or suggestions from you.


If you want to receive all the latest Lucca news, you can sign up to our newsletter by following this link. You can also consult the information published on the blog of the Lucca Tribe at any time.

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