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To connect your Lucca HRIS to your Silae payroll, here is the information you will need:

  •  The address of the Silae server (to be requested from the payroll manager)
  •  Name(s) and number(s) of your company's payroll file(s) (to be requested from the payroll manager)
  •  Length of "payroll" numbers (to be requested from the payroll manager)
  •  Customer service web identifiers (to be requested from the payroll manager)
  •  "Contact" type identifiers (These are the login details, i.e. username and password, for Silae).
Security: To guarantee a high level of security, never send any login details by email. We have developed a dedicated feature for entering them securely. The Lucca consultant will notify you when you can enter them.

Here's how to find the necessary Silae information

1. Silae server address

The Silae address lets Lucca know where to send payroll information. The server number is the Silae server on which your payroll file(s) are located. This information can be found:

  • either in the address (URL) through which your manager connects to Silae. Example: If your firm connects to Silae using the following URL: the server is number 15.

  • or on the icon that provides access to Silae on the desktop, in the "properties" tab to obtain the URL and server number

If your server address is not in the list of available addresses, don't panic. By checking the "I can't find my address" box, you can enter it manually. Make sure you stick to the following format: 

2. Folder number

You will also need to ask your manager for the name and payroll file number of your company in Silae. If your company's payroll is made up of several files, you will need to retrieve all the file names and numbers as well as their corresponding establishment.

Please note: you must take care to retrieve the exact folder names and numbers (including spaces, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, etc.).

Example: File name = "Lucca Nantes", file number = "LUNA", establishment concerned = Lucca Nantes


3. Registration number format

We need the length of the registration numbers in Silae (5 digits, 7 digits, etc.). To find out this information in Silae, go to the Company file in your payroll file, in the "Technical settings" section:


4. Customer service web identifiers

As a Silae customer, your payroll manager must have access to "web customer service" login details (one username + one password) so that we can log into your Silae customer domain. If your manager does not yet have these login details, they must request them from the Silae sales department. This request is free. For more information, you can consult this help sheet: How to request a Web Service username.

Here is an example of a username/password pairing: 

  • Username: ws-lucca
  • Password: uPUR8PJX
Inform your payroll manager as soon as possible that you will need these login details so that they can quickly request them from Silae. Don't forget to adhere to this sheet: How to request a Web Service username from Silae.

5. "Contact" login details

If you are in a "shared payroll" process with your manager, you may already have these login details. These are the ones you connect with as an HR manager in Silae. 

Otherwise, your payroll manager will have to create a "contact" type username on your Silae payroll files with your email address or use the username of their choice (See the Silae "Create access - client contact" sheet at the bottom of this page).

The good practice would be to create a dedicated access to the connector. In this way you will avoid password changes. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your payroll manager.

Please note: it is important that your firm creates a "contact username" for you in Silae and not a "username" (the first is free, but you may be charged for the second).

Important for this identifier to be valid:

  • You must have already logged in to Silae at least once with this contact in order to activate it in Silae.
  • There must be no payroll restrictions for this contact so that they can create and edit information in Silae. 


There is also another interface for creating this unlimited access, called "full access" at the time:


Inform your payroll manager as soon as possible that you will need this "contact" username so that they can create it as quickly as possible in Silae, if this has not already been done. Once again, don't ask them to send them to you by email. Once your manager has created this "contact" you will receive an email from Silae with a username and password (don't forget to check your spam).

Enter the configuration interface of the connector

During the steps below, your Lucca consultant will be responsible for creating the payroll files. They will contact you when the time is right.

To access the configuration interface of the connector, go to Pagga Payroll Assistant (1), then click on your file (2) and click on the cogwheel on the right on file (3):


Then click on the connector tab followed by "add a connector" or edit the connector if it has already been initialized:


You can then add the identifiers to the connector and even ask your payroll manager to complete them: 


The Lucca consultant can use the "Request login details" button to send an email inviting the payroll manager to enter the username and password.

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