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Operation and implementation of the connector with Teamtailor

This integration has been developed by Teamtailor

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Core HR
      • Type of integration: API
      • Integration direction: Teamtailor to Lucca
      • Integration frequency: direct
      • Setting up the integration: you are free to save your URL and API key in your Teamtailor account

Synchronized data

As part of the data synchronization process, Teamtailor will send the following data to Lucca:

    • Employee name
    • Employee’s first name
    • Employee's professional email address (personal email address entered by default)
    • Personal email address
    • Login details (personal email entered by default)
    • Associated establishment
    • Contract start date
    • Contract end date
    • Associated department
    • Personal telephone number

Setting up the integration in Lucca

The primary role data will not be sent by Teamtailor, as this information is not available on their side.

To set up integration, go to your Lucca space:

  1. Click on the little rocket at the top right of your Lucca space
  2. Select the "🔌Integrations" field
  3. Search for the relevant application
  4. Follow the instructions to create your pre-configured API key
    The technical contact must be the e-mail address of your contact at the publisher.
    The API key will be created automatically with the permissions required to set up the integration.

  5. Send the generated API key and URL to the publisher, following the steps below

Connection steps to be completed in Teamtailor

  1. Search for Lucca in the marketplace, in the HR system section. Click on it to enter your recruitment process
    The Teamtailor configuration must follow this format:
  2. Activate the triggers to enable the Lucca integration.
    To do this, you need to go to Jobs (1) and click on "Add a job". Once the job is added, go to Triggers (2), add a trigger in the Hired (3) column and select Lucca. 
  3. Select "Send candidate". You then have to choose the establishment and department on this job of the hired candidate to finalize the creation of the Lucca trigger.
  4. Once you have configured these settings, return to your Teamtailor work page and send your candidates to the "hired" column. By looking at the candidate's activity history, you will see information confirming that the information has been submitted to Lucca. 

The Lucca database administrator will then have to connect to their space and go to the employee's file to modify the data created by default (primary role) and complete the rest of the employee's data to launch their onboarding.

DPAE (Declaration prior to recruitment)

It is now possible to automate the pre-employment declaration (DPAE) process in Lucca directly from Poplee Core HR. To activate the automation, you'll need to follow these two steps: 

  1. Modify the HR file so that it is suitable for the DPAE. Certain prerequisites are necessary to ensure that the DPAE functions correctly in Poplee Core HR.
  2. Create a DPAE setup.

The help sheet written by Teamtailor is available on this link

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