Automate the creation of VRIs "Meal Vouchers" in Pagga Compensation

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The Pagga Meal vouchers application calculates the number of Meal Vouchers (MV) to be distributed each month to your employees, and generates the order from your issuer.

If you have deployed the Pagga Compensation application, you can activate the automatic creation of MV variable remuneration items (VRI) in Pagga Compensation for each distribution. From Pagga Compensation, you can then generate the VRI export to send to your payroll.  

If you are not yet using our Pagga Compensation monitoring solution, click here to find out more.


Activate the Meal Voucher transfer to Pagga Compensation

In the Settings menu, select the regulation to be configured. In the "Exports" tab,



1. Activate the "Transfer to Pagga Compensation" parameter.

For each of your establishments affected by your regulation. 

 2. Enter the type of Pagga Compensation VRI to associate with your Meal Voucher distribution

If the VRI type selected is configured as an amount in Pagga Compensation, specify the MV property to be used to value the VRI when it is created in Pagga Compensation.


 3. Save your regulation configuration.


Transfer the MV distribution results to Pagga Compensation

Once the number of MVs to be distributed and the order file have been calculated, click on the "Transfer to Pagga Compensation" button.


A Processing summary allows you to view the list of employees concerned by the transfer of MV data.



In Pagga Compensation, a VRI corresponding to the calculation of MVs to be distributed has been created for each employee over the period processed.


Viewing the individual payslip allows you to identify the VRIs automatically created by Pagga Meal vouchers


The VRIs generated by Pagga Meal vouchers are centralized in Pagga Compensation, enabling you to export all your remuneration variables (bonuses, MV, etc.) every month in a file compatible with your payroll tool.


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