Setting up a 360° review campaign

Background information

The 360° review is a specific type of campaign, which includes several contributions from peers (from different hierarchical levels), without a workflow. The framework generally focuses on a review of the skills required for the position of the employee that is being evaluated.

The goal is to collect as many feedbacks as possible on a co-worker, in order to limit the proximity bias or to highlight cross-functional projects. 

This type of review is conducted in parallel with or before the annual review and includes several opinions:

  • That of the employee (Self Review)
  • That of the manager (Manager Review)
  • Those of colleagues at the same level (Peer Review)
  • And those of the team, their supervised co-workers.

In the campaign configuration, the "Advice Request Form" tab allows you to customize the questions that will be asked to the peers. In the case of a 360° review campaign, you must ensure that all participants are asked the same questions.

Important: the number of peers is limited to 6 and they will be selected by the review manager and/or the employee, once the campaign is launched.


Define the right participants in the process and among the population

To obtain a flow including the evaluated employee, the manager, colleagues, supervised employees, N+1, the "Flow" tab must be configured as follows: 

1- To allow the employee's self assessment, please activate the preparation



2- Should the direct manager be in charge of the review, please leave the box ticked in by default. In case HR team members are assigned to specific departments or teams, you can use this piece of data in the HR file.

Make sure to activate "Specific HR data" and choose the corresponding data, for example "HR referent".

3- If a supervisor has to give an opinion at the end of the process, with a global comment without having to go into the details of the evaluation, you can use the approval option


4- However, make sure to disable the employee's approval


Configure the feedback request form and options

Activate feedback requests



Then, specify the conditions of visibility: will the employee be able to consult their colleage's given feedbacks? You have 10 "tokens" to request a feedback: who would you like to give them to? You can give all 10 tokens to the manager only, or allow the employee to request some as well.


The form can then be customized with questions set as text, scale, star or list.

In the event of a 360° skills assessment, you have to submit the same questions in the employee/manager form and in the feedback request form.

Alternatively, you can use 2 to 3 questions to collect feedback on assets, areas for improvement and suggestions for the next assignment, or to use in the future



If you need the manager to enter a summary in the review feedback, make sure to add a dedicated question (text, scale, drop-down list or stars).


Communicate about the process

You can use the email notification to provide clarification and guidance about the 360° interview.

In the email to the review manager (if different from the HR team), you can mention the limitation of 10 peer limit and prvide advice on good feedback practices.

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