Setting up a 360° review campaign

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The 360° review is a specific type of campaign, which includes several contributions from peers (with different ranks), without a workflow. The framework generally relates to a review of the skills required for the position of the employee being assessed.

The aim is to collect as many opinions as possible about an employee, to reduce proximity bias or highlight cross-functional projects. 

This type of review is conducted at the same time or ahead of the annual reviews, and includes several opinions:

  • That of the employee themselves (Self Review)
  • That of their manager (Manager Review)
  • Those of their colleagues with the same rank (Peer Review)
  • And those of their team and their supervised employees.

In the settings of a campaign, the "Review request form" tab is used to customize the questions that will be put to the peers. In the case of a 360° review campaign, you must ensure that all the participants have the same questions.

Important: the number of peers is limited to 10 and they will be selected by the review manager and/or by the employee, once the campaign has been launched.


Define the right participants in the process and the population

To obtain a process that includes the assessed employee, their manager, their colleagues, supervised employees, line manager, you must configure the "Process" tab as follows: 

1- So that the employee can do a self-assessment, activate the preparation


2- If the line manager is responsible for the review, leave the box selected by default. In the case where HR employees are assigned to specific departments or teams, you can use a user field of the HR file. 

You will have to check "HR file data" and choose the corresponding data, e.g. "HR lead"

3- If a line manager has to give their opinion at the end of the process, with an outline comment that doesn't have to go into the details of the assessment, you can use the approval option

4- On the other hand, deactivate the validation of the employee


Configure the review request form and options

Enable the requests for opinions. 

Then, specify the conditions of visibility: will the employee be able to access the opinions of their colleagues? You have 10 "tokens" to ask for opinions: who do you give them to? You can give the 10 tokens to the manager only, or allow the employee to ask for them too.



The form can then be customized with text, scale, star or list type questions.

In the case of a 360° skills assessment, the same questions must be put in the employee/manager form as the opinion requests form.

Otherwise, you can use 2-3 questions to collect opinions on strengths, areas for improvement and suggestions for the future or the next mission.


If you want a summary to be done by the manager in the report, you must add a dedicated question (text, scale, drop-down list or stars).

Opening opinions: if you have launched a campaign and you have access to the corresponding reviews in the permissions, you can also read the opinions submitted by your peers.


Employee notifications

When the employee has the permission to access the opinions, you have the option of customizing the notification email, even if they are not doing a review preparation.

In order to notify you before the launch of the campaign, an alert prompts you to check the content of this email.


4 templates to download for your 360° reviews

By clicking the "Import questions" button, you can retrieve template or modified outlines, from your test database, for example.

Feedback request for a recently arrived colleague (for the trial period review)

Feedback request for a colleague as part of a project review

Colleague/peer assessment template for employees

Team member assessment template for managers


Communicate about the process

Use the notification email to provide details and advice to the 360° review participants.

In particular, in the email of the person who will be responsible for the review (if it is not someone from the HR team), you can recall the limit of 10 peers and give advice on good practices for giving feedback.


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