Poplee Core HR Administrator Tasks

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As an administrator of the Poplee Core HR solution, you have one-off and/or recurring tasks to perform. You will find a list of the most frequent tasks for an administrator in charge of this solution.

New co-worker

  • Create a co-worker's HR file : If you already know the co-worker's personal email address, enter it now to start the onboarding. Otherwise, you can always come back to it later.
  • Starting the onboarding process : you can choose the different templates you have set up. Here are the three steps:
    1. Choose the email template
    2. Choose what information to collect, by adding any fields existing in your HR file to this form 
    3. Defining tasks

    In order to define the templates, please make sure you read this slide Configuring the Onboarding Process

    By clicking on Start the onboarding procedure, the new co-worker will receive the welcome email including the form.

  • Follow the onboarding process: You can follow the onboarding process of each new co-worker by:
    • Checking that the form has been filled, or send it again
    • Following the progress of tasks
    • Modifying the task (deadline and owner)
    • Stop the onboarding process

    When the tasks have been completed, and the form filled out, you can Close the onboarding process.

The co-worker changes contract and/or returns following a long-term absence

  • Create a new contract: when a co-worker changes contract (change of entity or change of position, for example) or returns from a long-term absence, we recommend you terminate their previous contract and create a new one. As a reminder, by terminating a contract you stop the co-worker from logging on to their Lucca session as of the contract ending date.
  • Start a new onboarding process: This could be useful in the case of transition from an internship to a permanent contract. After a long-term medical absence, it could be also useful to start a new onboarding in order to prepare for the employee's comeback. Find the employee and click on Start new onboarding procedure.

When a co-worker leaves

Complete the HR file

  • Check for missing mandatory data: This data is the application data for our solutions as well as the data setup to be mandatory in the HR file.
  • Launch an update request: Two reasons to start an update campaign: update a new HR information required or check if HR file information is up-to-date (emergency contact, etc.)

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