How to customize your Poplee Engagement quiz?

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Your Poplee Engagement quizzes can be customized in just a few clicks, which offers a strong lever of engagement: the more relevant questions you submit to your employees, the more they will adhere to the Poplee Engagement approach!

Where can I find the quiz modification space?

Go to your personal space, then to the menu on the left, in the "Admin" section, click "Upcoming surveys ". Thanks to the Preview button, you will have access to the templates of the next 6 planned quizzes for your teams. To display and edit the content of a quiz, click "Edit".


How to customize the content of your quiz

On the quiz content consultation space, select Edit to access the modification mode that allows you to customize the quiz email, the questions and the reminder email.


Customize the quiz mail

You can modify the content of the email as well as its subject. We advise you to include your company name in the subject line to boost participation. In the email body, you can also remind the principle of Poplee Engagement anonymity, and the purpose of this questionnaire.


Customize the questions

You can customize 3 aspects of the "Questions" section: Settings, Question titles, and the associated Answers. To customize a question, click on it: the question settings dropdown will appear.

  • Settings

Pillar: You can define the pillar associated with the question ( Poplee Engagement's 10 pillars of workplace fulfillment ).

Target Teams: The teams targeted for the question: either "All teams" or "Some teams" .Clicking on "Some Teams" will bring up a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu allows you to select the teams to whom the question will be sent.Other teams not selected will not receive the question.


  • Question

The type of question: there are 4 types of questions in Poplee Engagement (MCQ, Sccore, Open and Happiness), all described here.

The question title: choose short, precise questions with a playful tone


  • Choice of answers

You can change the title of the questions, the answers or even the set of associated images.


  • Add a question

To add a question, you can click on the "Add a question" button in the "Questions" area of your questionnaire. You then have the possibility to fill in the different fields to set up the question. For inspiration, you have access to the Poplee Engagement Question Library.


  • Delete a question

To delete a question, go to the edition area of your questionnaire and click on "Delete Question" after clicking the question you wish to remove.


  • Change the order of the questions in the quiz

Nothing is easier than changing the order of the questions in your quiz: just drag the question up or down using the button on the left:


Customize the reminder email

As for the sending email, you can modify the reminder email (its subject and content).
For example, you can indicate "Reminder" in the title for more impact.


How to set up my survey in several languages?

If your company's settings are multilingual, for example English and French (EN and FR), make sure you fill in the question content for each language. The dots will be displayed in green as soon as all the content is completed.

To switch from one language to another, a drop-down menu is available to the right of the "Questions" header. If a content is missing in one of the languages, the dot appears in red.


I would like to receive a test quiz

From the page of consultation of the content of a questionnaire, the menu "Actions" allows you to:

  • Ask a consultant for advice
  • Preview the quiz test by receiving a sample email
  • Share the quiz with a colleague

By clicking on "Share" you will be able to select one or more colleagues to whom you can send the quiz test email, as well as the content of the questions.



How to make sure the quiz is sent?

Date of sending the questionnaire

You can check the scheduled sending dates for your quizzes from the Upcoming Quizzes tab in your Poplee Engagement Space. Underneath the quiz name is the scheduled submission date.


Quiz status

In the Next Quiz tab, view the content of your next quiz by clicking on "View Questions". You will be able to see the status of your quiz in the first block.

  • Either the quiz is "Validated": it will be sent on the date indicated, but it can still be modified until then.


  • Either the quiz is "in edition". If you wish to validate the content of the quiz:
    • Or you can validate the content by clicking on "Quiz is ready to send".


    • Or the validation of the content is not possible: your quiz does not meet the minimum sending criteria for validation (detailed at the bottom of the page). You can find out what criteria are missing by clicking on "See criteria".


Conditions for validating a quiz

You have customized your quiz and it is ready to be sent?

To validate the sending, at the bottom of the modification page, you can check the box "I have finished the modifications, I validate the sending of the quiz" below the 3 criteria of validation and sending of a Poplee Engagement quiz:

  • The first question must be in MCQ type and cannot be a targeted question
  • The quiz must contain one and only one Poplee Engagementing question, no more, no less
  • All texts (email, questions and answers) are well filled out in all languages


If one or more criteria are not fulfilled, an orange cross sign will be displayed.



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