How do I review two managers?

In some companies, specific structures mean that employees are managed by two different people, from different departments.

It is not possible for two managers to be assigned to the same review preparation task.

How do you manage their review process in these cases?

Option 1 - Add an approver (if you have subscribed to Poplee Core HR)

In your employees' HR files, you can create a new simple "User" data type "Second Manager" or "Manager 2".


In the campaign process, indicate manager 1 as the reviewer, and manager 2 as the approver, using the "Specific HR data" option:

The Second Manager will be able to see the answers formulated during the review.

For more information: Approval workflow: adding an approver


Option 2 - 360° review

It is also possible to activate the request feedback form, so the N+2 manager can answer one or more questions to evaluate the employee.

To do this, activate request feedback in your campaign and set the request feedback to "1" by the reviewer (manager 1). 

The reviewer can then choose the N+2 manager to give their feedback on the employee.


For more information on 360° feedback requests: Configure a 360° review campaign

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