Operation and implementation of the connector with Inside Infineo

This connector has been set up by Inside Infineo, so Lucca cannot perform any customization.
If you wish to synchronize other custom data, please contact Iniside Infineo directly in order for them to examine the faisability of your request.

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: have at least one Lucca solution
      • Type of integration: API
      • Integration direction: Lucca to Inside - Infineo

Setting up the integration

Inside Infineo connects to an API source and can therefore retrieve the information desired by customers from Lucca solutions. 

The Lucca database administrator should contact Inside Infineo to set up Lucca reports and determine with them what they want to recover. An API key with the necessary permissions will have to be created accordingly.  A help sheet dedicated to the generation of API keys is available here: Generate an API key

The permissions to be given to the key can change for each customer depending on their needs and the solutions they have available.

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