Secure transmission and exchange of passwords & various documents

Background information

As part of the deployment or support process, you may be required to exchange a number of files and documents containing personal data.

This may include connection data (password, login...), import files for employee data including sensitive data such as social security numbers.

This data must be transmitted securely.

Secure transmission of documents containing personal data

In order to securely transmit files and documents containing employees' personal data (e.g. logins and passwords during the acceptance phase), you can follow the following steps

  • Protect your file with a password
  • Transmit the protected file
  • Generate a link that can be used only once to access the password
  • Transmit this link to your contact person independently of the file transmission
Be careful if you only need to transmit a few elements apart from the file (e.g.: password for one person only) it is still necessary to transmit these elements using a link usable only once via Privnote as described below.

Protect your file with a password

1) right click on your file

2) 7-zip

3) Add to archive



4) Set a password for the file

5) Validate


You can now send the file to your contact and tell him that a password to open the file will be sent to him later.

Generate a link that can be used only once and gives access to the password

You can go to

1) Write the password defined for your file

2) Click on "Create a note


3) Copy the generated link chrome_2021-07-15_12-06-47.png

And send the link to your contact by email separate from the email containing the file or via another communication channel (SMS).

If you choose to send it by separate email, it is recommended not to put a subject in the email referring to the email including the file. Also, do not title your email "password".


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