Understanding and using review data in the HR file (App Data)

Discreet and practical, discover the range of review data you can add to your HR files. The essential prerequisite is to have activated the HR file in your Lucca applications.

What types of review can be included in the HR file?

Three campaign categories are available in this data: annual reviews, professional reviews and package day reviews. Here are the details of the data you can display in the HR file: 

  • Date of last annual, professional, package day reviews
  • PDF file of the last annual , professional, package day reviews
  • History of review summaries (all categories combined), annual and professional reviews.

For the 3rd case, the summary, whether mandatory or optional, will be displayed if:

  • the evaluation is completed
  • the evaluation comments are completed
  • the x2s are completed

It will not be displayed when the optional summary for the evaluation and comments is empty.



What is this for?

The dates of recent reviews are useful for setting alerts. For example, receive a notification 2 months before the new professional review campaign is due to be launched, to maintain the mandatory two-yearly frequency. 

The PDF file allows Poplee administrators who do not have access to campaign administration to export the PDF reports of these mandatory campaigns, or to automatically send them via FTP exports.

How do I add them?

From the Employees tab, click on "HR file" in advanced settings, then open the section of your choice. Click on "PDF" or "reviews" or "history" for a list of available data.

Summary histories and PDF files: what's the difference?

The summary history allows you to keep a chronological record of reviews archived before using Poplee Performance. The data containing the last PDF file will not provide a summary for every year, only for the current year.

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