Understand the Calculation of Leave for Mid-year Joiners

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An employee joins your company during the year. He will start to accumulate paid vacations in Timmi Absences.
Depending on the settings applicable to your paid leave accounts, various actions will have to be carried out in Timmi Absences to allow this employee to fully use the acquired days.

Employee credit with monthly acquisition

If your new employee starts his contract on the first day of the month, the task is relatively simple.
On the last day of the month, Timmi Absences will credit 2,08 CP in working days or 2,5 CP in working days.

For an arrival during the month , Timmi Absences will prorate the number of CP days to be credited, by dividing the monthly acquisition by the number of working days, then multiplying by the number of days worked. In summary, Timmi Absences will proceed to the following calculation

Monthly rights x number of working days of presence of the employee / number of real working days of the month of entry.

Here are some examples on a monthly basis:

Example 1 - An employee arrives on June 8, 2021, he will receive 1.60 days of paid leave over the month.

Timmi Absences applies the following calculation 2.08 x 17 / 22 = 1.60
2.08 days to be credited x 17 working days worked / 22 actual working days in the month = 1.60 days to be credited

The month of June has 22 actual working days and the employee will therefore be present for 17 working days (according to his contract start date). He has the profile of acquiring 25 PF, so a usual monthly credit of 2.08 days.

Example 2 - An employee arrives on March 7, 2022, he will receive days of paid leave for the month

Timmi Absences applies the following calculation: 2.50 x 19 / 23 = 2.06
2.50 days to be credited x 19 working days worked / 23 actual working days in the month = 2.06 days to be credited

The month of March 2021 has 23 actual workdays, so the employee will be present for 19 workdays (based on their contract start date). He has the vesting profile 30 CP, so a usual monthly credit of 2.50 days. 

By observing this calculation, Timmi Absences will credit Peter with 1.70 CP when the next monthly credit is triggered.
No manual action is necessary.

This calculation also applies to RTT.

Crediting of employees with acquisition at the beginning of the period

Your company has chosen to credit all the paid vacations from the first month of acquisition, often in January.

In case of arrival during the year, Timmi Absences does not plan to automatically credit the CP because the crediting task has already been executed in the past. The corresponding credit will have to be triggered manually from the Actions to be performed module.

In this module, you will find a credit proposal, whose number of days can be modified.

Let's take the example of the employee who joined the company on June 8th 2021. Eligible for 25 days of CP per year, Peter will be present 7 months out of 12. He will therefore receive seven twelfths of 25, i.e. 15 days of CP.


Timmi Absences applies the following calculation: 25 CP ÷ 12 calendar months x 7 months of presence = 14.58 CP to be credited.
The proposal has been rounded up to 15 days in order to observe the rounding of the end of the period that is set for this PF account, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code.

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