Enable and administer the weighting of the goals for all employees

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The weighting assigns a factor to each goal: this affects the progress percentage calculation and takes into account the differences in the factors for a given period.

Weighting is a module option. If it is not activated, it does not appear in the interfaces. All the goals are created with a hidden weighting of 1 (as a result, the information displayed is consistent if the weighting is activated during the year).

Enable goal weighting

As an administrator, with the goal management permission, you can click in the goals sub-menu on "Settings" (1), followed by the "Enable weighting" button (2).


How to configure it

You can define the values used among your teams, by adding or removing weighting factors:

A default value can be defined and changed during the year:


The default weighting factor is 1. If this value is changed to 5, future goal creations will be initialized with a factor of 5. However, old ones will stay at 1.

If a value is deleted in the settings, it disappears in the proposals during creation but the old goals are not affected.

Finally, it is possible to completely disable the weighting for all the teams.

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