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Before you get started

At the start of the rollout with a Lucca consultant or during the year, and following the goal-setting committees, you may need to import goals for the current period.

You will find below the steps to follow for a simple import.

We recommend performing an initial trial based on a test before proceeding with the "actual" import. For your information, no notifications are sent to the employees when importing.

Steps to follow

Complete the file import template

  • Retrieve the import file that is ready to be filled in (Download the template). This is the complete format, with all the information that you can import on the goals. A lighter format is available in the paragraph below.
    Please note that these files must be in the CSV (UTF-8 encoding) format.  You can also export the file from your database. Please note that the formats have some problems with uppercase letters. If your file is not accepted, check that your login details are indeed in lowercase (in your file and on the database). 

    Here is the recording format to use according to the software you are using:

    • Microsoft Excel: save your file in the UTF-8 CSV format
    • Fill in the columns of the import file.


      • PeriodCode: specify the period concerned by this goal
        - Annual: 2021
        - Quarterly: year + number of the quarter (e.g. 2021Q1)
        - Half year: year + number of the half year (e.g. 2021S1)
        - Monthly: year + number of the month (e.g. 202101)
      • Name: specify the title of the goal
      • CompletionLevel: specify the percent to goal
      • Weight: if you want to import weighted goals, add a column to your file titled weight and specify the required weighting.
      • StepName: specify the name of the steps
        StepCompletionLevelTarget: specify the percentage of completion of the step 

    Example of minimal format in 3 columns. These are the 3 required pieces of information to import goals:

        • Login;PeriodCode;Name
        •;1911;Publish a thesis on Radium
        •;1911Q1;Discover Radium
        •;1911Q1;Discover Polonium

    If you want to import several goals for the same employee over the same period, just add one line for each new goal.

    Test and import the file

    1. Log in to the test database as an administrator
    2. Go to the "Goals" "Settings" tab and look for the import options.
    3. Upload the file containing the goals to be imported
    4. If necessary, correct errors using the messages that you will get in the event of an anomaly. Test the import again once the file has been edited.
    5. Check that the right goals are imported to the right employees, check the totals using the Dashboard.

    After importing into the test database, if you are satisfied, you can import this same file into your production database.

    Only individual goals can be imported at this time.

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