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At the beginning of a deployment with a Lucca project manager or during the year, following goal setting committees, you may need to import goals for the current period.

Below are the steps to follow for a simple import.

We recommend to make a first test on the test base before proceeding to the "real" import. For your information, no notification is sent to the co-workers during the imports.

The steps to follow

  1. Retrieve the import file ready to be filled in(Download the template).
Please note that these files must be in CSV format (UTF-8 encoding). You can also export the file from your database. Be careful, the UTF-8 format has problems with capital letters, if your file does not go through, make sure that your logins are in lower case (in your file and on the database).

Example of a minimal format in 3 columns

      • Email;PeriodCode;Name
      •;1911;Publish a thesis on Radium
      •;1911Q1;Discover Radium
      •;1911Q1;Discover Polonium

    • if you want to import weighted goals, add a column with the title weight and indicate the desired weighting
    • if you want to import several goals for the same employee over the same period, just add a line for each new goals

  1. Connect to the test base as an administrator
  2. Go to the "Goals" > "Settings" tab and look for the import options.
  3. Upload the file containing the goals to be imported
  4. If necessary, correct the errors thanks to the messages that will be indicated in case of anomaly
  5. Check that the right goals are imported to the right co-workers, check the totals via the dashboard.
  6. Depending on the stage of the project, perform the same actions on the production platform.
  7. And that's it.

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