Manage the password security policy

Lucca offers different ways to authenticate yourself in our solutions. The most commonly used is the user-defined login and password. 

Can I define a password security policy? 

As an administrator, you can define a specific password security policy for your users. The settings module is available from the Lucca settings wheel in the top right corner and in Authentication settings.

Here is the list of parameters available to you: 

  • Minimum password length
  • Mandatory characters (uppercase, lowercase, numerical, special characters)
  • Password lifespan
  • Policy on reusing old passwords

These parameters will be displayed on the new password creation page to simplify the choice.


By default, users will be logged in for one month if they select the "keep my session active" option when logging in. As an administrator, you can choose whether or not to select it by default, or simply not to enable this option. Therefore, users will have to reconnect each time they login.


Can I reset employee passwords? 

As an administrator, you can reset employee passwords in two different ways: 

  • By sending a password reset email to the employee
  • By generating a temporary password: in this case, the employee will have to choose a new password when using this temporary password

Go to the "Login" section of the user's file and click on "Password management". 

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