Managing the Approval Workflow

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This page explains how to set up the approval workflow for timesheets in Timmi Timesheet.

Managing the Approval Workflow

Settings for the approval workflow are in Settings > Workflow.

You can configure a new approval step by clicking on Add a new step.


For each step, select an approver and a condition.


The first approver is the manager (person entered as the manager in the submitter’s user file).

Choosing the approver

You can choose between the following approvers:

  • the manager’s manager
  • the department head
  • a specific user (choose from among existing users)
  • the timesheet approver

If you need the timesheet approver’s approval for a step in the approval workflow, a new field will appear in the user files where you can enter the timesheet approver for each user.


Choosing the condition

You can choose the conditions in which the approval of the approver is required:

  • always
  • only when pay elements were accounted for
  • only when alerts were triggered
  • when pay elements or alerts were accounted for

Following the steps

If a condition is not verified, the approver’s approval is not required and the step is automatically approved.

If there are more steps, the workflow continues to the next step. As long as there are still approval steps remaining, the timesheet has the ‘pending approval’ status.

After the final step is approved, the timesheet switches to the ‘approved’ status.

For example, in the approval workflow below, a timesheet will first be sent to the manager for approval, then to the manager’s manager only if time was accounted for on one or more time accounts.


Click on the clock at the top right of a timesheet to view its approval history.

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