Adding goals to a review form

Before you get started

If you have been granted permission to manage campaigns, you can access the corresponding tab, from the left side menu in Poplee Performance.

Annual reviews are used to focus on training requests and skills but also to review existing goals and set new ones.

Creating the campaign and adding "Goal" type questions

Open the settings for a new campaign or campaign to be started to create this type of form and add a goal-related question. In the Form tab, click on "Add a question" then on the type of question.

The following options can be configured by selecting “Goals”:

  1. Title of the question and contextual help
  2. Choose one or more periods
  3. Add a general comment to the question

Select the period for the goals

To configure a question about the goals for the year that has just ended, simply click on the required annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly period. As a reminder, time periods are configured in the Administration tab.

To enable managers to set goals for the following period, you can create a second goal-related question, by selecting later periods this time.

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