How to manage exceptional leave? (wedding, birth, funeral...)


This article will expose the management of such absences that Figgo proposes.

Such management is relevant for all absences that the employee has to justify by you and provide a certificate. It is not suitable for leaves on which there is an accrual (paid leave...) but is especially relevant for family absences such as weddings, birth, funeral and so on.

Exceptional leave management

Request for an exceptional leave

In Figgo, such absences will be requested by the user in Figgo > Request leave. The user enters the start and end date of this leave, continues, and select the account in the drop-down menu as below :


If the user already has its certificate, he can add it with the link "Add a supportive documentation", and then Send request.

The request has to be approved by the manager as any other leave request.

It will appear in the Leave balances table with a debit balance as long as the administrator has not confirmed that the employee gave the certificate for the absence:



Confirm the leave certificate and make it disappear from the employee's table

In Figgo's To do list, the administrator will see all exceptional leave that has to be checked:


You can there:

  • Attach the certificate (if the employee gave it to you hand to hand)
    Please note that it is not mandatory to save the certificates in Figgo.
  • Remind by email : Figgo will register the date of the remind, so that you know when you asked for the certificate.
  • Once you checked the certificate, you can confirm that everything is alright by simply clicking on the link "Balance the account"
    An equivalent credit will be done by this click, and the absence will disappear from the employees balance table.

Learn more about the administrator's to do list in Figgo here.


How do this work? How can I set a leave account as an exceptional leave? How to limit these leaves' duration?

The accounts available in the drop down menu are the accounts set as follows:

  • available in your regulation (1)
  • set as accounts in debit-credit acquisition (2)
  • with the debit balance authorized (3)
  • available in the drop-down menu (4)


You can even add a message that will appear when the user requests for such a leave, for instance to remind him to bring you his certificate (5) :


You can also limit the duration of such absences: learn how to limit the duration in this article

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