Deal with carry-over days


At the end of a period, even when unused leave is lost, Timmi Absences does not reset counters to zero. Requesting leave can be blocked on the account, but it will always appear because its balance is not zero.

This article explains how to cap the users' rights on one account at the end of its normal consumption period.

Please note that you can manage the consumption rules of the account in Timmi Absences > Configure > Account:
- to allow the users to take their days only during this period and block them afterwards
- to allow them to use their remaining allowance after the end of the period with an alert
- to allow them to use their allowance until they have no days left

If you have blocked the consumption after a date and now want the account to disappear from the accounts table, please refer to this article.

How to cap the user's rights

Enter the criteria

Visit Credit/Debit (1) > Group of employees (2) > Select the population (3) (your legal entity for instance) or the whole database:


Then click on the "Advanced options" to only select the people who have more days than allowed to be carried-over: 

  • select the account that has to be checked
  • indicate what is the criteria (to cap the rights to be carried-over, select "Greater than or equal to")
  • enter the cap number, adn the reference date 

Timmi Absences will check how many days the users in you selection (3) had on this date on this account.

If they had more than the cap number (or equal to it), they will then appear in the next step of the procedure.

Cap the rights

You then have to indicate what action you want to do for this selected population.

To cap the users'rights:


  • Select the account you want to cap
  • "Reset the account" to : enter the maximum number of days that can be carried on
  • "Balancing account": select the account "droits perdus" wich means "lost rights"
  • "Comment" with the reason why you are modifying the accounts rights : Carry-over debit for instance
  • Enter the date of accounting entry...

and Simulate entries

Timmi Absences then shows you on the right of your screen the impact on the selected population.

If the users were planning to take these days, Timmi Absences won't cancel their request but will show it to you as below so that you can requalify this leave request on another account if needed:


The other listed employees will have their rights capped to the number you entered.

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