Creating an Expense

Background information

The first time you log in, the expense list will be empty and you will find the rules applied by your company for managing expense reports.

If you create expenses from your mobile, they will automatically sync in your web space as soon as your mobile connects to the Internet.

Adding an expense manually

To create an expense, click on the ‘Add expense’ button:


When the expense creation form opens, enter:

  • The nature of the expense you want to create. The form then updates with elements (VAT, analytical axes) corresponding to this nature.


  • The date of the expense (by default, the date is the current day),
  • The amount of the expense. The VAT is then automatically pre-calculated from a VAT rate based on the nature. You can change the VAT rate if you want to enter other VAT rates. When you tick ‘foreign expense’, the VAT fields disappear because the VAT cannot be recovered for this type of expense,
  • Other information requested such as analytical axes, comments, suppliers, etc.,
  • Your receipt, then click on save.
You cannot enter a VAT amount higher than what Cleemy Expenses calculates based on the rate. In this case, you must let Cleemy Expenses calculate the VAT.

Adding an expense automatically

To create an expense automatically, you have to upload your receipt using "Upload a receipt" button or by drag and drop.


Once the receipt uploaded, you can see your expense processing in your liste:


If the automatic recognition of receipts is on

The expense will appear on the list once it's completed with the detected information. You just have to open it to control the completed fields and fill the missing ones.

If the automatic recognition of receipts is off

The receipt will be associated to an empty invalid expense  à une dépense vide au statut invalide. You can fill it afterwards.

To know more about the automatic recognition of receipts.


Special natures

Mileage expenses

There are two ways to enter mileage expenses depending on your settings:

  1. By directly entering the distance covered,
  2. By entering the starting point and destination. In this case, Google maps will automatically calculate the distance covered and the calculated distance cannot be modified.


Remember, in both cases, to enter the tax horsepower for your vehicle if it is not filled in by default.

Meals and guest management

When you submit a lunch or dinner, you can add internal or external guests.

Internal guests: When you click on ‘Add a co-worker’, a drop-down list appears showing all the employees in your company registered in Cleemy Expenses so you can choose the employee you want.

External guests: By clicking on ‘Add a guest’, a list opens showing external guests already entered by you or other employees. To search for a guest, type their name into the search bar. If the guest does not exist yet, Cleemy Expenses will give you the option to create them. If private guest creation is not enabled, your guests will then be available in all employees’ drop-down lists.


Company cards

If you want to submit an expense paid using a Company Card, you can tick the Company Charge Card box:


The employee is not reimbursed for this type of expense.

For this box to appear on an employee’s expense form, you must fill in the Company card field in the employee’s user file.

Warnings and invalid expenses

When you enter an expense, different types of warnings may appear.

Non-blocking warnings will appear in orange, while warnings that prevent an expense from being submitted in an expense report will be in red.



Important: an expense can be marked invalid without a warning appearing if there is a limit on the number of submissions in a given period. An expense created by automatic recognition of receipts with mandatory elements missing (comments, analytical axes, etc.) will appear invalid. An invalid expense cannot be submitted in an expense report. In this case, you must open the expense and fill in the missing elements.

If two expenses created were made on the same day and for the same amount, a duplicate warning will appear:


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