Change leave from working to business

Before you get started

If you want to change your leave from working to "business", please contact the Lucca help desk to provide this service.

Even though our consultants will be handling this migration, there are a few essential elements that you should know in advance.

Change leave from “working” to “business"

This procedure must be done at the beginning of a new period, starting June 1st. This allows you to only work on one leave balance. In fact, the previous balance will no longer be available from 06/01 and the next one will be in business days as soon as we have created the business day paid leave and edited the profiles. 

It will also be necessary to set a date for a shutdown to your Lucca space for a day and a half, organized with the consultant in charge of this service. This will give them the time to run the necessary procedures without your employees taking leave.

Everything else is handled by Lucca consultants!

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