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When using the Timmi Absences solution, you may have some questions about the functionality of certain features. In this sheet we have listed the 5 most common questions from our customers. This article covers the following points:

Why can't I use a leave account when I have days left on it?

Leave accounts are fully configurable in Timmi Absences. Each periodic absence (Paid leave, Comp days, Seniority, extra days for splitting paid leave) is associated with an accrual period and a specific consumption period.

At the end of this consumption period, you can authorize leave to be taken on the account (if the days earned can be carried over) or prohibit the leave from being taken. If you have days on the leave account but you can no longer use them, it is due to this last case: you lose the days after the end of the consumption period and taking them has been "forbidden". You can change this setting. Click here for the help sheet on editing a leave account. 

How is part-time work counted? 

The full explanation can be found on our help sheet Counting Days for Part-Time Workers.

How are working days counted?

The full explanation can be found on our help sheet Counting Working Days

Why is it not possible to take an absence that overlaps with an existing absence?


Timmi Absences does not support taking an absence overlapping an existing absence, because for some payroll tools the payroll valuation is based on the start and end date of the absence. Therefore, Timmi Absences has decided to prevent this feature from being used in order to avoid the payroll software counting the same absence several times (only allowed for remote work).

Why can't the employee cancel an absence request in the past?

All future absence requests can be canceled by the employee, who can also request the cancelation of this request if it has already been validated. However, any request in the past, including today, can only be canceled by the administrator, who will be able to delete it from "Schedule management".

If a request for a week's absence, for example, starts from today, it is considered to be in the past since it has already started. Therefore, it cannot be canceled by the employee directly.

For more details you can view our help sheet on this subject.

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