Can I Request a Half Day of Sick Leave?

Background information

Sometimes an employee is absent for health reasons. When an employee is absent due to illness, you need to place them on sick leave using the ‘Manage the schedule’ module.

See the help page on managing leave

Managing my employees’ half days of sick leave

When an employee experiences a health issue, you cannot submit sick leave shorter than one day to French health insurance.

For an absence to be considered sick leave, the doctor must write a doctor’s certificate for at least a full day.

If the doctor establishes sick leave as of the first day of absence, even if the employee was only gone for a few hours, the whole day is deducted as sick leave.

If an employee is absent for a health-related reason but does not provide a medical certificate, this absence may be considered unjustified. In this case, you can discuss the best solution with the employee: deducting a day of leave, transferring the working hours to the following days...

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