Setting up a second expenses approver

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This file guides you through changing your approval workflow by introducing the procedure for setting up a second expense approver in Cleemy Expenses.

Setting up specific approval

You can define a specific expense approver, who is different from the manager, for each legal entity.
Go to  Cleemy Expenses > Settings > Management rules, then select a legal entity to configure.


Whether at the start, middle or end, you can define at what step in the approval workflow this approval is set.

If no current step meets this need, you can add a step and choose to put in place an expense approver using the drop-down list.


All users linked to the same legal entity will be subject to this workflow.

Defining the expense approver

After configuring the workflow involving the expense approver, you need to define who the person is (this can be a different employee, specific to each person’s profile).

When setting up this option, a new field appears in the Organisation section of the user file.


You can now choose an expense approver (different from the manager) for each employee, by selecting a set approver, who will be suggested to you in the drop-down list. All employees in the company, with no restriction related to their role in the tool, will appear in the list shown.

If an employee’s user file does not have the approver field filled in, Cleemy Expenses will use the possible fallback solution set in line 2 of the step.


This configuration may be an integral part in a step for a workflow authorizing multiple approval steps.
For more information about all the steps that can be integrated into the approval workflow, visit: Establishing Your Approval Steps.

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