Exporting Absences to a Time Clock or Planning Software

Background information

The implementation of a time clock export is a service provided by our team of consultants. Please contact us for more information.

Timmi Absences allows you to export absences to an external tool like a time clock or planning software. You can either:

  • synchronize absences in real time: Timmi Absences will send absences one by one using our API. For more information check out the sync module help page.
  • export absences in a text/Excel file: new absences will be exported (automatically or manually) in a structured file you can customize. The generated file can be sent to a FTP server at a required frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).

This article explains the absence export with a file.

The time clock export module

This article describes the new time clock exports module in Timmi Absences, gradually released from April to May 2020 to all customers.

How does it work?

The time clock export module will export all approved or deleted absences since the last export. Absences pending approval will not be exported.

Any absence that is deleted before being exported will not be exported.

Export history

You can access the export module from Exports > Time clock exports.


After choosing you export type, you reach the main export management interface.

The history is on the right. You can retrieve any previous export. You can delete the last export. When you delete an export, all exported absences will be considered as "not exported" and will be exported when generating the next export file.

Never delete an export that was already imported into your time clock or planning software. You may create inconsistencies requiring manual adjustments.


Manual export

You may also export absences manually from this interface by clicking the “Export” button. All absences approved or deleted since the last export will be exported.


We provide export template for the main time clock providers (Bodet, Horoquartz, ...). We can also configure custom file formats. Please contact the support team providing the specifications of the desired export format to check the feasibility.

If your format can be configured, you will need to provide the corresponding codes to export for each leave account in Timmi Absences (see Sections). If new leave accounts are created in Timmi Absences, don' forget to add them in the time clock export module (and the payroll export module).


General settings

Export configuration is accessed from the main page by clicking “Edit configuration”. You will find:

  • Export name: optional custom name for the export. Allows you to differentiate exports on the main page, for example if you have several exports with the same format for different legal entities.
  • Legal entities: define the population whose absences to export.
  • FTP configuration
  • Automation configuration: for automated recurring exports


Sections (exported codes)

The sections tab allows you to manage the mapping between Timmi Absences leave accounts and the time clock or planning equivalent. You have to configure one section for each absence type in the external system. Each section contains:

  • absence code: identifies the absence type (and optionally a specific code for half days);
  • Timmi Absences leave accounts: list of leave accounts to match the code.

For leave accounts managed in calendar days or business days (6-days week), an option allows you to export only on working days (5-days week, usually mon-fri). If you don’t want to export some types of leaves, you must exclude them by linking them to the Do not export section at the bottom of the sections list.

All absence accounts must be linked to a section or explicitly excluded.




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