Can I Delete an Employee File?

Background information

When an employee leaves, we are inclined to want to delete their user file. This page will help you better manage employees who have left or will soon leave the company.

Contract end date

When an employee leaves, best practice is to indicate their contract end date before they leave or, if you did not do this in the past, after they leave.

To do this, simply go to the Employees > HR file module and search for the employee in question in the search bar. Click on the Contracts section and then on the current contract. The Close Contract button: you will be asked to enter the employee's contract end date.



After the selected date, the employee will no longer have access to the platform and will no longer appear in the Who’s who or in the Timmi Absences Schedule, for example.

Reactivating or finding a former employee’s file

If you have permission in the roles, candidates who have left will be displayed in the results with the tag "Gone". Click on the name of the selected employee to access his/her HR file.

If you wish to reactivate the employee's account, you will only need to create a new contract for this employee. Please note that they will not be able to access your Lucca database until the date of their new contract.

Right to Erasure Module

Since implementation of the 2018 European Directive on data protection, we set up a right to erasure module. You can view the corresponding page by following this link: Right to Erasure Module

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