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Background information

The file import module will allow you to import numerous files like photos of your employees, contracts, bank transfer information, etc., which you may find useful to have in the users’ HR file. To do this, go to the settings cogwheel at the top right. To access this menu, you need permission to import data. If you do not have access, ask your administrator or the help desk for permission.


Importing files

Prepare the import file

Files must be in ZIP format to import them. For example, to import employee photos as a group:

  • Place all your photos in the same folder;
  • The names of images in .png or .jpeg format must be renamed to match users : "FisrtName_LastName.XXX" or "login.XXX" (where XXX is the file extension).


  • Right click on your folder > 7-Zip or Compress


  • The compressed file shoul be composed of 150 files and 60mo maximum. 

Import the ZIP file into the ‘Files’ section

Go into the import module (settings cogwheel > Import) and click on ‘Files’


  • In your file import module, tick the ‘Detect the file user names’


  • Click on ‘Load a file’


  • Import


  • Retrieve the csv file with the three columns: login, name and id


  • Delete the ‘name’ column from the file
  • If some login names were not found, fill in the login column properly or delete the line
  • Rename the ‘ID’ column as ‘picture’ and save
  • Your file should resemble the image below


Import the csv file into the ‘User’ section

  • Import your csv file normally into the user module; you can refer to the corresponding Importing data file


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