How to Use the Anytime Bank Cards Management Interface?

Background information

As the card fleet manager, our service Anytime by Cleemy Expenses allows you to manage cards in an interface provided by Anytime. Here are the detailed actions you can perform in this interface:

Bank transfer to your company account

In order to reload an Anytime card, you first need to deposit money to your Anytime company account.

To do so, just transfer money from your regular bank account to your Anytime bank account. The bank details can be found in the “Account” tab of your online bank interface.


Topping up a card

To top up a card, please select the card on the interface and click the "Credit card account" link. You will then be able to choose the most optimal method for you.


Occasional top up

You can instantly top up a card with a free amount:


Scheduled top up

You can schedule to top up a card on a specific date:


Topping up according to current balance

Choose the amount to be credited after the balance balance has reached a specific threshold. For example, top up €100.00 when the card balance is lower than €50.00.


Balance to be maintained

It is possible to automatically maintain the balance of a card at a certain level, on a daily or monthly basis. 

Daily: Every morning (6.30 a.m.), Anytime will top up the user’s card so that the balance equals the balance  requested upon setup.

Monthly: Every month (1st day of the month or on a specific day), Anytime will top up the user’s card so that the balance equals the requested balance, according to your setup.


Available banking operations

You can choose to activate or deactivate some options of an Anytime card: :

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Online purchases
  • Use of the Card: very useful for a lost card. You can deactivate the while your co-worker is searching for it.
  • If a card is stolen or lost, you can report this status on the interface, so as to definitively block its use.


Card status filters

By default, only active cards are displayed. Nevertheless, you can display all the cards linked to your interface by removing this filter:


This will allow you to be view new cards you have just ordered.

Obtaining a bank statement

Just like for a normal bank, you can download a bank statement from the Anytime interface.

You can get a statement per card or a statement for the entire account in PDF or CSV format.

Statement per card

Click on a card to display the entry "View Transactions". You will simply need to click here to download the transaction statement for this card.


Statement per account

In the "Transactions"tab, you can export  the list of transactions made with all the cards on a specific period of time.


Ordering additional cards

You can order additional cards directly from the Anytime interface by clicking the “order” button.


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