Accruing Annual Leave and RTT

Background information

Annual leave and RTT are recurring leave types replenished each year. This article covers the following points:

Setting up accruals for Annual Leave and RTT accounts

On the generic Annual Leave/RTT account

The accrual period for annual leave or RTT accounts is set up when creating the account (Configure > Accounts > Create). To learn more about creating an account, visit our dedicated help page.

You will have to enter the ‘Acquisition period’ that you want to set for the account. You can choose a traditional annual leave/RTT accrual period or set a custom period (Other).


After choosing the accrual period, you can decide to credit full entitlements at the period start. In this case, the entitlements are credited on the first day of the accrual period you defined.

Next, click on save.

On a specific Annual Leave/RTT account

If you want to change or define a specific accrual period for a year, you must go to the specific account’s settings so that you only make changes to this account and not all accounts. For example, if you want to increase the accrual period by 1 month for 2019/2020 Annual Leave only, you must go into the “2019/2020 Annual Leave’ account settings by clicking on the small edit pencil at the right:


Make the changes and remember to save:


Changes will take effect as soon as you save.

The acquisition profile

The acquisition profile tells Timmi Absences the number of days that a group of employees should accrue on a recurring account (annual leave or RTT), over the accrual period defined in the account settings.

For example, if the Annual Leave account has a 12 month accrual defined from 01/06/N to 31/05/N+1 and employee Maurice Bart has a 25 annual leave acquisition profile, Maurice will accrue 25/12 = 2.08 AL per month between 1 June of each year and 31 May of the next.

To fully understand an employee’s monthly accruals, it is important to consider the number of days to credit to the account as well as the accrual period defined in the account settings.

In the account settings, you can also choose to round the numbers at the end of the accrual period. Please visit our dedicated help page to learn more.

To create an acquisition profile, please visit our dedicated help page.

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